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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Madden 08 Cheat - 4 Players on 1 Team

Madden 08 Cheat - 4 Players On 1 Team

This is an update on Madden 08 Cheat - 3 Players on 1 Team.
You can get 4 Players on a team as well, not just 3.

To do this...
1. Begin by following the instruction on getting 3 players on 1 team.
2. Then, during gameplay with all four controllers on, press start on controller 3 to enter the menu.
3. Turn controllers one and two off.
4. With the 3rd controller, head to the settings and to controller setup.
5. Slide the fourth controller to the same side as the third.
6. Then go back to the start menu, and just before resuming gameplay, turn controllers one and two back on. Changes will come into effect after the next play.